Hello all, this is G581G, a game I've been working on for a while now. It's a 2D platformer that aims to give the player the experience, not show s/he the experience.

Here’s a screenshot of the original prototype, otherwise named “Project Pixel-Space”,


Here’s the shitty/incredibly dramatic backstory for the game:
“You are Crewman #392 on the
Starstation Chiron, orbiting the soon-to-be Interstellar Federation’s
colony on G581g. You awake one morning to find the Station in ruins,
with almost no signs of life. It is your duty as a Crewman of the
Interstellar Federation to find any survivors, scavenge for supplies and
learn the fate of the station and ultimately restore order so that
the colonization may continue.”

I’m the guy doing most of the work on it, but I also have some one else working on some of the storyline and writing for it, mainly because I suck in that field. I’m not using any extra libraries to do this, just Java2D. No flame wars please. I also plan on the game possibly being multiplayer, for co-operative and competitive play, but I suck with networking, so no promises.

Right now, as of September 7th, everything on this thread has been considered a prototype. Right now I’m starting the game from scratch again, in hope to build a more efficient engine.