Full XBox Controller Support for JInput

As many of you may know. JInput tries to access XBox controllers with DirectInput even though they use XInput.
That causes the LT and RT buttons to act like one axis that can have the values 1, 0 and -1. And there is no vibration function.
So I decided to write an XInput wrapper (https://github.com/RalleYTN/XInput-Wrapper) with JNA and use this wrapper
to write a plugin for JInput (https://github.com/RalleYTN/XInput-Plugin-for-JInput).

The button mapping is still the same but the Z axis is now for the LT and the RZ axis is for the RT.
Even if the gamepad has no vibration function the controllers will return 2 Rumbler objects.
The first one is for the left motor (the hard one), the second is for the right motor (the soft one).

Let me know if you find any bugs.