Frog Solitaire

Game like peg solitaire. Almost finished but submitted right now to avoid losing deadline. Only 12 levels but I have room for at least 100 but I wont have time to add all.

Nice little game.

Imho the frog jumps too slow … and perhaps a little animation when you jump would be fine.

nice game, only issues were that it was way too easy and indeed misses some kind of animation when he jumps around.

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I think I won’t have enough space for animations unless I find a good way of compressing my sprites.

Your design is nice, it feels completely appropriated for this kind of game. But it also makes us sorry as there is no animation for your cool frog.

And if you have some room to add more levels, but lacking time to create original ones, you should not hesitate to “borrow” a few ones from similar games. However, 12 levels is already a good number.