First of all thank you for watching and playing my little game.

I got an opinion in reference to my game. Since I did not use pack200 you can not wait wonder. But I was wonder what can I stuff to the game without pack200.

This is not the only game, which I would like to submit during the competition. This is just an experience to show my physics engine.

If I released the source code everyone would write his very own physics game. This would be a great challenge. But I do not know what the rules allow.

Its very nice, and suprisingly addictive, however it needs some gameplay… maybe a timer or limited amount of shots or something.

I really enjoyed it, too. I think even something as simple as a “Total shots used” per level would be nice as something to challenge the player (“how can I reduce my shot count?”).

I dont think that there is any restriction about source code sharing in the rules, and i personally think sharing the source code is a great way to give the community. I have always shared my source code for each entry i have submitted over the years

Great fun! Completed all 3 levels. Would be nice if there was more. :slight_smile:

I like this too - strangely satisfying!
I’d like the cannonballs to be a bit heavier and I agree that the puzzles could be more inventive, but generally this is very nice!
Go on - use pack200 & put some more levels in!

I enjoyed that so much I played through twice. The physics is very good indeed. The only trouble is I wanted more.

Here is the source.

I do not want to modify levels now, but I think there is enough room for shot checking. I will implement it soon.

That’s a shame, as the first level can get a bit tricky if one of the yellow blocks ends up in a big pile in the middle. I think an easier first level would be good.

Great concept though, the physics has given it the WOW factor for me.

Thank you, but I am on hurry until next week. At the 1st level you should avoid that yellow blocks be a part of a pile.

Great game, very fun. Would be more satisfying if the cannon balls could be fired in a semi-automatic fashion, and the cannon balls remained after firing.

Thank you too.

I am afraid I do not really know what semi-automatic fashion means exactly.

The game uses only 32 bodies, I do not allow to leave about cannon balls everywhere because I need to draw structures as well.

I have updated my game. Now you can play 10 new levels and shot count restriction implemented too.

Happy New Year for everbody!

Delphi source of my engine.

I have chosen Delphi because in Java I unable to use BiasedAngularVelocity properly, my game ignore it, but in Delphi it works fine. I did not search what is the reason since I had not time to reveal the solution.

The engine is really a mix of 2 ones, Box2d and Chipmunk engines, but collision detection is significant changed and different.