Forgotten Elements 3D JAVA Action MMORPG

Hello out there!
I want to introduce you to my 3D Action MMORPG “Forgotten Elements” which recently evolved to a 3D game!
For the 3D part I use the 3D engine JPCT (
Feel free to try out the open beta, several hours of gameplay await you!
And here is the link to the game:

I am not amused, either.
Blizzard just stole my idea of a skill bar and life/energy bulbs. :smiley:
Unfortunately I never played Diablo III…

Yeah so the UI is derivative, rest of it looks really quite pretty for an indie project.

jPCT eh? Didn’t know that was still going.

Yeah, JPCT is still going! :slight_smile:
Thanks for your words!

And I know that the UI won’t win a price for innovation, but sometimes its better to not reinventing the wheel:
Torchlight 2:
Path of Exile:

Erm… ehh… LOL ? :smiley:
Follow the trend :smiley:

Actually it’s just a bar with 12 skill slots + 1 life bulb + 1 energy bulb.
Really simple, nothing stunning…
I don’t think that this has something to do with “Trend”.


That’s the kind of game I like to see in the “showcase” section ;D Do you have a short video showing the 3D version? I have only found videos of the 2D version on Youtube.

Well the torchlight people of course use this UI, after all they are the former designers of diablo, so they invented it in the first place

At least it doesnt look like WOW, like almost every other new mmo these days…

Cool, that you like it! :slight_smile:
Actually I wanted to do a 3D video as soon as possible (maybe this week). In addition players are welcome to record their gameplay and send it to me.
I will then make a complete video of many different areas and scenes…

Looks very good (no time to play it here tho’ sadly). True, it could do with some “originality tweaks” in the main UI, but meh. Took you long enough to find JGO though eh?

Cas :slight_smile:

WTF? What’s the big deal about bubbles? I didn’t play Diablo 1, I did play #2 which used the same element and I remember thinking: Oh! That looks like XXX (what I don’t remember). So there’re not bars…maybe they should be hour-glassed shaped? Is that somehow more original? WTF???

I just checked it out, and wow! that was great!

it was a tiny bit clunky, but I actually played it for a little while.

I was a little bit lost though, like I couldnt even find the cave for the first quest :P.

EDIT: Just out of curiousity, how is your userbase? I checked the hall of fame, and there seems to be quite a few, do you have an actaul number to share with us?

I just looked up the database: There are actually 14265 registered players. But the game was played more often, because you don’t have to register to play it.
I have to mention, that the 2D version of the game is over 2 years old.
For the moment it is possible to play the 2D version as well as the 3D version and all players agitate in the same world.

Could you tell me what you mean with “clunky”? Any suggestions here?
Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

This is pretty cool! Don’t have the time or hardware to try it out at the moment but it’s quite a big accomplishment to actually finish an MMO :slight_smile:

Could you share with us the technical details, especially for persistence, networking, etc…? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your words!

Mhhh… technical details…
Basically Plain Old Java (wrote the 2D engine on my own) and JPCT for the 3D version.
For persistence I just use a database.
The MMO server communicates with the clients with the TCP protocol. I implemented the server with the help of JAVA NIO.

I hope that answers your question.

Yeah, I tried the 2D version just for kicks, and it was great.

I went back to check what I meant, I think I mispoke when I said clunky, it was more that the combat was unresponsive, it would be nice if we could see a little blood splash or something when we hit so that we know something happened.

Its not a big deal, just a thought :). Also, I included in the suggestion when quiting that it would be nice if item names highlighted when you hover over them on the ground just so that you know.

Another question, are you a lone developer? if not how many of you are there?

Thanks for the suggestion, I am going to change that in the future.
And yes, I am the only developer of Forgotten Elements (except the story and dialogues, which were done by a good friend of mine).

Wow, that is impressive! Really an inspiration to see a single guy go the distance.

sorry for all the questions, but how are you planning on making revenue with this(if you are at all)?

No problem, just ask! :wink:

I am not sure if I ever will earn money with Forgotten Elements.
I didn’t start the project to make profit (as perceived 99% other browsergame/online game developer [sorry]), I made it to realize a dream of mine.
So I will never sell items or other features, that make other players stronger. Forgotten Elements should be fair for everyone.
With the help of advertisement I am able to pay server fee and other business expenditure.
Unfortunately, after getting 15000 registered users only 4 donated money to Forgotten Elements. That’s faaar to little, so I have to monetize other features, if I want to continue in 2013.

I thought about selling skill/attribute reset runes, so it is possible to unlearn skills and attributes for a small amount of money.
Furthermore I thought about selling items, which only beautify the players characters.
I think those options would be fair…

But the problem is, that I don’t know how to make advertisement for the game, without paying a lot of money.
But we will see, when its done (Forgotten Elements is still in beta) … :wink:

Btw, sorry for my bad english:/