flux4k submitted

please tell me, if you have sound-playback-troubles (or other troubles)
comments are welcome as well of course

hope you enjoy it!!!

Can’t find it. (Only see Falcon4K, even after hard-refresh).

Games are validated before they are published, so it may take a few hours for them to appear usually.

This flux4k is crazy, with its beautiful graphics and its incredible 8 minutes long music !!! I guess many people down here would be very interested in knowing how you made this marvel… I just regret you didn’t indicate in the instructions some clues to rate the player’s times, as Alan_W did with its Falcon4K.

Well competition promises to be very tough this year, and I wonder if I should not already resign, considering my poor work in progress…

Lovely tunnel graphics and amazing sound implementation. Considering how much space track data takes up, even when using a soft-synth approach, the sound is truly amazing.

sure, if someone wants to know how it is done, i will explain!
just tell me what you wanna know exactly

interpolated raytracing
(rotating) texturemapping
realtime algorithmic texture
precalculated fractal textures
lighting effects

instruments (sound, mix, hall, melody)
patterns (0-8 instruments playing at same time)
track (chain of patterns)

Pretty amazing… If you got points for the Wow Effect this would be up there with the best have seen.
An explanation would be fantastic. I hadn’t even considered sound for my game but this has made me change my mind… Gonna google it now!! Good job!

does anyone have problems with the controls?
seems that on some Windows-Systems Arrow-Keys are not responding all the time?
please tell me if so!

soundtrack update: music by heinrich mader (heinrichmader.com)

Nice game, and so simple! I’m amazed about the graphics and sound. :smiley: