Flubber Space

Flubber Space in v1.1 is now free!


Dodge your way to a highscore in the game of FlubberSpace, a game created with my 10 minute graphics and 3 - 4 day development stage. Post your highscore! Mine is currently 310. :point:

*Arrow Keys to move
*A and D to rotate

*The window title displays the score and available health
*A popup display your rank and score

*Better scoring system
*High score system
*More precise collision
*Fixed image bug
*Player self defense

*Even better score GUI
*Realistic effects
*Online Score board
*Character data
*Particle effects
*Sound effects

*Changed all of the artwork and fixed collision problems with the baddies(enemies).
There is now a healthbar that changes based on health. changed HP system so your health doesn’t just constantly drop, you now turn red for several seconds.

PLAYNOW: http://dark-pawn.itch.io/flubberspace

TIMELAPSE TRAILER: http://youtu.be/-14goO0ahNU

Would you like me to make you online highscores?

Yeah, I would love that!

Java 6 please ;-; snow leopard user here. Looks like a nice game tho.

Are you using a really old version of java? Java 8 already came out several months ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I have it for download/purchase now.




How do I embed YouTube videos? Do I delete certain things?

Embed youtube, just use the youtube tag with the part after v= in the url inside the tag.

Honestly, you shouldn’t be selling this game. I don’t want to sound like I’m flaming your game, but your trailer has an incredibly quiet voiceover, a screenshot-o-matic watermark, and what I believe is a windows live movie maker transition (correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve used that maybe once). Additionally, your trailer has more “development” footage than actual gameplay, which is not the first impression you want to make in a trailer like that. To add to that, you claim you’re going to constantly work on the game, which may be true, but without a patcher, how are people going to get updated versions of the game?

Overall, it’s for your own good to complete your game before even thinking about monetizing it. There are so many flash games with more polish that are free, so think about that as well. It won’t happen here, but you can hurt your reputation if you release something before you’re ready.

I see, the excitement took over me. How would a patcher even work? Some kind of online server that sends files?

I remember a thread here…I’m not an expert on it however, probably better to look up an online tutorial. For your first game, you don’t even need a patcher, though. I was just saying that if you’re going to put “constantly updated” as a feature you need some way to show those new updates :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try my best to do my best. What other way could I get them updates without another purchase?

develop it for android, then you have automatic updates by default.

Personally I dont think its a good idea to sell a game at this level, even $2, you will get very few people who will pay for it, therefore very little feedback about how to generally improve at game development. I’ve often spent 3-6 months on a medium sized hobby project and they still dont get to the point where I feel that anyone would actually bother to pay for them. Keep practicing, make games that you think are fun to make, then when you come up with something that you just blow yourself away with, sell it for $1 for every 10 hours of game play the player can expect :smiley:

I was working on FlubberSpace last night(along with this other project :persecutioncomplex: ) and I cam to the conclusion that It needs to be free and fly off into the free indie world.


I worked on a basic launcher last night for a realistic game effect. I also added to my game state system to create a menu. Is it me or does the y coordinate in the lwjgl Rectangle class start from a different point as the java.awt Rectangle class? It drove me crazy!

No, the drawing origin for Java2D and the default origin for LWJGL is different. Java2D draws from the top left down, LWJGL (by default(I think)) draws from the bottom left up. It has nothing to do with how the rectangle class is set up.

Why does LWJGL even have a Rectangle class that uses code like this?:

Rectangle lwjglRect = new Rectangle(x, y, width, height);

Is it so the origin would start at a certain point that some people prefer?

What do you mean? The rectangle class creates a rectangle at the given x and y coords with the width and height you specify. I don’t see how the origin comes into play here…

I imported the rectangle class from lwjgl and it let me use that syntax. What I meant was whats the point of having it since you don’t draw rectangles like that(at least not easily).

I don’t understand your question really. What do you mean you don’t draw the rectangle like that? Or at least not that easy? The rectangle class is there to store information about rectangles, you can’t draw it because its simply a container object.

You just answered it sort of. When you said because it’s a container.

Since my game engine that FlubberSpace runs on is not as intelligent as it needs to be, I’ll be converting it to Slick2D or libGDX. (A friend recommended putting it on the appstore) I’ve been hitting major bugs.

I need a better gif recorder XD.