I submitted Fishing-4k.

I could only test it on Windows, please tell me if you have problems running it on linux or on OS-X.

My record is catching 154 fishes. Can anyone beat that? How hard is the game with the current settings?

Edit: 2 screenshots (click to see large versions)


I will check it out when I get home, but could you post some screens?

Quite addictive little game, not bad. Played a few times, top score 60. God knows how you got 154 (Windows here)

Have you used the sonic wave (press Enter)?

Doh! Top Tip! Its a lot easier once you read the instructions :slight_smile: 102 this time.
Only suggestion would be to maybe use a different key. On my laptop the Enter key is directly above the cursor keys so you kinda have to cross your left hand over your right one to press it…

Runs fine on my MBP with OS X 10.6.2 on Java 1.6 in Safari 4.

Nice casual game :slight_smile:

I like it. Only 34 on first go. Obviously I need to find the right strategy :wink:

I am getting an

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: F.class

This happens on both the appletviewer and in the browser. I am on linux with 64bit java, but this should not make a difference.

Could it be that this is applet hosting related? And that this applet is pack200 compressed?

As far as I know, the applet-server server should determine from the http request whether the client supports gzip compression, and if not, it should serve the unpacked applet jar. Can an administrator check this?

Delt0r, can you try if this page works for you? This page contains an applet which links to the unpacked applet jar:


Works fine from that link. I don’t seem to have a problem from the other applets on 4k

From what I’ve been told, Java 5 and 6 should support pack200.

Yes they should and they do.

But from this thread: pack200 applet

So the server still has to check if the client’s browser supports the pack200-gzip encoding type. If not, the unpacked jar has to be sent.

(Look at the first 4 figures on that page.)

I’ll take a better look at this and maybe make some changes in a few days if they are really needed. For now, I’ll keep things as it is.

I wonder if the author used the jdk 5 pack200 or jdk 6 pack200… as they are not compatibile unless told to…

I like the boat movement on the waves.
Have you thought about adding some sharks to avoid? They could just be black colored fish that cause the net to empty when colliding with it. Of course, this would make more sense if you only score points once the net is returned to the boat with its catch.

I used pack200 from jdk 6. I’ve never thought of they might not be compatible as they create an output file in a standard format. The algorithm that creates it might differ, but the format of the output is standard.

Yes I’ve thought about it, but haven’t implemented it. Would complicate things and strategy. Maybe it would be too complicated for a 4k game? Too complicated for a game one would just load and play occasionally?

I can’t get over 100. >:( It gets hard rather quickly for me. As soon as the fish move as fast as the boat it’s all over.

It’s okay in Firefox and IE but it doesn’t work in Opera; I just see the text “Applet not found.” I think that’s a pack200 thing. Perhaps Opera is looking for a different file that isn’t present.

I obviously played this game more than any of you, but I think this isn’t a hard game.

I just set a new record. I caught 100 fishes without missing any, and I finished with catching a total of 161 fishes.