FINALLY! 4K public vote is OPEN!

I know, it’s been two months! I would apologize for the long hiatus, but overtime at work isn’t exactly an option :slight_smile: - however I will say I appreciate everyone who understands my free time is limited.

I wrote a quick ajax-based voting system. you can find it here:

anyone from JGO that’s been a member since before the year 2007 before April 21, 2007 will be able to take part in the vote.

all you need to do is select your top 5 favorite games. “favorite” meaning the games you think deserve to win the most.

bear in mind that your #1 pick will weigh more than your #5 pick when it comes to the poll results! so make sure your top 5 picks are in order of your preference

I really encourage you all to try all the games before placing your vote. to help you with this, the voting system places a checkmark by each game you launch. it also lets you view a list of games you haven’t played yet. you don’t need to have a check on all games to vote, but it is encouraged :slight_smile:

another handy tip: you don’t have to do it in one sitting. the voting system will remember which games you have checked and your current top 5 list. it stores this information on the server, so you don’t have to worry about logging back in on the same computer.

logging out is simple: if you need to take a break from voting, just close the page whenever you want. everything will be remembered when you log back in.

and finally: don’t forget you can change your top 5 before you vote! you can add, remove, and re-arrange entries on your top 5 list.

thanks to everyone who has been contributing to the inofficial feedback. it’s nice to see the community is still involved in the contest :smiley:

but wait - are you recording my password?! - I know there’s probably SOMEONE who is thinking this. the answer is no. in fact, that is why logging into the voting system takes so long every time, because it has to open two sockets to JGO to login. either you trust me or you don’t - but you have to wonder, what would I possibly want with your JGO password? the best I can do is show you the code that is used to log you in.

:o before 2007

:frowning: I thought it was since beginning 2007.

I’m actually trying to change it to everyone who has been a member since today (april 21st). if I figure out a way to validate this, I will definitely apply it to the script :slight_smile:

Ah OK great. :slight_smile:

BTW. until when will the voting be open?

aha! I got the script to allow anyone who has been a member as of yesterday to vote. it was something simple I had not thought of. the reason I put the limitation in place at all is to somewhat TRY to eliminate duplicate voting…

as far as how long it will be open… I’m shooting for 2 weeks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if an extension is needed… (hopefully not!)

so yea, shooting for 2 weeks.

Great. Thanks. Coz I’ll be needing a while to finish my in-depth reviews before I vote.

BTW. The voting system looks great.

The password thing you mention is kinda funny seeing that you the moderator anyway. :slight_smile:

Very cool.

I very much appreciate it! Good work!

As you know, I’d rather see ordinary approval-voting where you can vote on as many games as you like (each vote gives that game +1), but this is fine. I’m only worried a lot of games will score 0 points and thus end up in the same place.

Anyway, I’ve placed my votes according to my thoughts from my unofficial feedback thread. The best of luck to everyone!

great work, although I miss some comentaries options…

where can we see the ranking with all the votations? How much time do we have to vote?

rankngs will be posted later… I don’t like to show “current” progress as that might influence some people to vote differently…

voting is probably going to close on May 6th (two weeks after it was launched), unless an extension is needed

I predict that the results of the voting will essentially be that a handful of games get massive numbers of votes, half the remaining games get one or two votes each, and the rest get none.

  • HC

Two weeks over :slight_smile:

well, should I release results? or do you all think it should stay open a bit a longer

to give you a bit of an idea…

34 people signed up to vote, only 17 have actually voted so far

I want to see the results!! ;D
I think it’s been enough time for everybody to vote. If some people didn’t vote it should be because they are not very interested… ???

Dunno. 17 is something of a sad number :S

If nothing else, this proves a few things, I believe. I propose to use either a judging panel or another type of public vote next year, where anyone (including non-JGO-people can vote - would’ve generated lots of voters I think), and with voting starting in time :slight_smile:

I’m not blaming anybody for the low amount of votes here, I’m simply saying it’s given us something to work with. A way of improving next year’s contest, so to speak.

17 is actually less than the number of games submitted, by far.

I wonder if all games received at least one vote.

Hardly. 17*5 = 85, which is less than double the amount of total games. Considering a few of them are likely to have more than one vote, I’d say at least half the games have no votes.

I have signed up to see some of the games, but I got no time at all to play all of them. Hence, I don’t think I’m eligible to vote, so I’ll abstain. :wink:

Cut off voting or set a hard and short deadline like you did for contest entries. You’ll never get everyone to vote on the games. People had plenty of time and they knew when the end date was (2 weeks) so might as well tally everything up.

Let’s get this wrapped up. :slight_smile:

I agree with Nullterm… Either stop right now, or set a SHORT FINAL deadline, say Sunday 13th May, 23:59 GMT. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Tim.