Few Games developed using Java, Java2D and Java Swing

Good morning,

I developed few computer games in java around 4.5 years ago. Nowdays I am thinking to pay some attention on them.

These can be downloaded from sourceforge.net/u/vivekfuneesh in executable formats (.exe, .sh, .dmg).

Contributors/Interested ones are welcome at github.com/vivekfuneesh

A little bit about them ::
1.)Multiplayer snake game on same keyboard.(Champu_N_Chaandni)
2.)Game similar to 2048 of android.(Dimaagi_Keeda)
3.)Microsoft’s minesweeper game.(MI_MINE)

As I might not be able to give too much time, so all those college kids or anyone else who wants to work on them, can email with which part they want to modify/add/optimize and I can guide them or hint them.

Stay healthy and protected.
May all be happy.


Thank you for your source code but please can you use GIT correctly? Your repositories are empty. Using the versioning system would help to follow the changes in your projects.

Best regards.

Hi Vivek!

I think @gouessej is talking about the lack of package structure and the commit structure there. I went through the repos of Dimaagi_Keeda and Champu_N_Chaandni, and found that there are no packages, and all the classes are in root. Also there are no build systems involved.

By the way, as a side note, where are you from? Names of your projects suggest they are based on Hindi, but I’m not sure as there are numerous other North Indian languages which are so similar to Hindi. Dimaag means brain right? What does Keeda mean? Is it supposed to be Kreeda, as game?

Ok. If you really want to move from Sourceforge to Github, you should do it completely and mention the new location of your project in the settings of your project so that the developers interested in your games can quickly find your source code (either directly on Github or by quickly understanding you moved to Github when arriving on your Sourceforge project page) because the current situation is a bit confusing. SHC is right, it lacks of structure. I advise you to respect the Java code conventions or at least to pick consistent code conventions and stick to it. Longer and meaningful variable names would help, comments too. Don’t abuse the static keyword.
Jonathan Giles talks about those subjects probably better than me: