FetRisk4k and Fifteen4k

Webstart: http://www.x2d.org/java/4k/fetrisk.jnlp

Webstart: http://www.x2d.org/java/4k/fifteen.jnlp

Two additional entries. Main class for fetrisk is “FetRisk4k”, and “Fifteen” for fifteen… “Clickrisk” for clickrisk (also posting this in java-gaming.org forums).

The goal is not to let any ball out of the round area.
Prevent them from leaving the area by clicking them, and
thereby changing there direction (to the opposite of the
clicked part). Score increases with time. There is no way
to win; the goal is entirely score-based.

Get five pieces of matching color next to each other to make
them disappear. The goal is to get as many points as possible
before the blocks reach the top of the screen.

Place the first piece in the leftmost top corner, and the
second one right of it. (In other words, arrange the pieces
from 1-15).

//Måns Olson & Åke Rosén

EDIT: Oh, yes, it seems a good idea to include the Clickrisk link, since the description is here. Here goes:
Webstart: http://www.x2d.org/java/4k/clickrisk.jnlp

(Also posting in official thread)

Nice entries. I like FetRisk because it is a mix of a couple of classics that at least I havent seen combined before. Would be nice with some levels, like in tetris or some rewards like bombs or something. Now it is a bit “hopeless”. You are constantly getting closer to an unavoidable death. It was also a bit confusing to me that the blocks are vertical, and you rotate it twice, it will be one step to the side. Rotate twice again and it is back where it started. Just a thought, but that is quite a bit to ask from a 4K game.

Fifteen. If you have an empty spot on the far right, it would be nice if one could click the block at the far left and move the whole row with one click. Would also be nice with the time displayed, since you seem to have some space left.

Good work!

Yes… I could work a bit with Fifteen, it’s sort of simple at the moment… Only 3,3 kb without optimization. The ideas for fetrisk are quite good, but it’s just under the limit as it is… I’m sure I could shrink it a bit, but not very much… Thanks a lot for the ideas though, might try doing something with them.

Ooh, and jojoh: There ARE levels in fetrisk… :slight_smile:

:-[ Should probably have played it a bit longer :smiley:
Guess I should try that now.

The level increase when you’ve removed a certain number of blocks. The speed increases for every level. The score you get for removing blocks is calculated based on how many blocks you remove at the same time. So a good strategy is to make sure you remove as many blocks as possible at every time.

I would very much appretiate if somebody else could comment on these entries, even if it’s negative towards them; that helps learning more than positive stuff anyway. Please, anyone?

Give me webstart :slight_smile: Always get people going.


You don’t get anything for finishing Fifteen4k ?? :frowning:

There’s no need for sarcasm, I mostly threw that one in :wink:
It’s FetRisk and Clickrisk I’m curious about… working on webstart now, should be up soon, although the certificate increases the jar size by 2 kb:s or something… that doesn’t count towards the limit, I hope?

EDIT: Webstart up for all three games, see links above. Thanks for the suggestion, kevglass.

ClickRisk - nice game! Could do with:

  • instructions somewhere on screen
  • escape to exit
  • a non-fullscreen version (I hate fullscreen apps ;))
  • different speed blobs (maybe in different shades or shapes?)
  • maybe a title and a “click to start” sign before the game starts?

FetRisk - Not really my sort of game, still nice impl.

  • Controls seemed a little unresponsive
  • When a block falls due to other pieces disappearing make it instant otherwise it can get pretty muddled
  • give the blocks some texture… just plain blocks look a little tired :wink:

Fifteen - Now this take me back. I love it!

  • Could we have some jazzy colours
  • Make block move on mousePressed not mouseClicked. Clicked means the mouse up and down have to be at the same pixel, makes the controls slower.
  • How about a time limit?
  • How about a choice of boards (sizes?)

All in all, very cool showing.


Thanks a lot.
Let’s see…
I’ve been thinking about Clickrisk improvements, mostly such as the ones you mentioned… It was originally supposed to be a game with loads and loads of configuration options (I mean loads), but when I heard of the 4k contest, I made a simpler version for the contest… perhaps a bit too simple?
The blocks in fetrisk were originally pictures, but I had to replace them in order to fit it under 4k. Perhaps I should’ve worked more with the texture, though, shouldn’t be too hard to shrink the code down a bit so that it can be done.
When it comes to Fifteen, you’re absolutely right - I guess I didn’t put enough work into the game :slight_smile: I might do that - colours, timer, possible boardchoice… and the issue of clicked vs pressed - well, I usually used pressed, just did a mistake this time :slight_smile:
Again, thanks a lot.


don’t you have a 1.4.2 version? When I tried to start it via webstart it tried to download java 1.5 and I have 1.4.2_02 version on my Linux box.

Changed version from 1.4.2+ to 1.4+, will that work? Or do I have to use 1.3+?

ok now worked. only clickrisk I could not start due to a null pointer exception. Is it fullscreen game?

Yes, it is… might do a non-fullscreen version of it.