Featured Games board rules

Rules for the Featured Games board

  • Only moderators are allowed to create topics in this board
  • For a game to qualify, it has to at the very least meet the requirements of games in the Showcase board
  • To request your game to be featured, simply do so (once) in your existing Showcase thread.
  • Moderators will move your game to the Featured Games board, if they find the time and deem this board a good fit.

Quality standards for featured games

  • Proper artwork and polish is a requirement to be moved to this board. It should appeal to a broader audience than us mere developers.
  • The game must have at least a small existing player base, and should be easily installable and playable by average Joe and Jane.

Rules of engagement with the mods

If you think your game meets these requirements, then your game could be moved to Featured Games upon request. However, the content must be useable legally and morally (no copyrighted materials, objectionable content, etc.). Also, if a moderator has a any reason not listed, to either move your game back to Showcase or not add it in the first place, then that’s just the way it is. Pictures that go 404 are the main reason to discard games from this board. Please remember that the moderators are trying to be as objective and fair as possible. Keep in mind that whether your game truly qualifies as ‘featured’, depends mostly on whether a moderator thinks it’s ‘good’, which cannot be quantized in a score. To determine it runs okay, it needs to be played by quite a few players, to ensure most logic has been successfully executed on a wide range of systems.


  • The topics in the Featured Games board are ordered by ‘publish date’.
  • Creating more than one topic (across all game-boards) for your game is not allowed.

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