Favorite Five 4k Games (2007)

well my favorite five 4k games this year(2007) are

  1. Squarius - best gameplay
  2. RoadFourk - smooth racing game
  3. Goop - best technical game
  4. Raiden4k - cos its a shumps
  5. Tank Wars 4k & Sn4ke - couldn’t decide on that one both are nice :slight_smile:

I have to agree with Squarius. And RoadFourK is good to, but I wouldn’t have put it 2nd I’m afraid.

For my own choices, I liked Pitfall a lot. I think it’s a great achievement. Others get more difficult for me to choose, but I guess I’d go for 4K V-ball and aichess4k. In fact I was tempted to also write a 4k chess game, just to have a chess battle :slight_smile:

So, in order…

  1. Pitfall.
  2. Squarius.
  3. aichess4k.
  4. RoadFourK.
  5. 4K V-ball.

(good show zeroone :))

Cheers, Tim.