Farming game

A little game Farmville style game I’m working on. :slight_smile:

It uses no libraries at all and has an applet and an jframe version.

It has a very simple isometric tile engine and I’m planning on adding entities and plantable seeds tonight.
Name is still undecided, suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

  • Raoul

I added tilting and a simple infobar.

That looks awesome dude, is there anyway you could help me with a tile-based game im working on?

Ideas for names:
Planting Season
Harvest Festival
Bumper Crop
Mowin’ before Hoein’ (Ha-hah!)

Basically any name that has: Planting, Crop, Harvest or Farm will provide enough of an identity for people to know what to expect. Making it too similar to Harvest Moon would have the stigma of even more comparisons against it. Same with Farmville (I’ve never played it!)

Send me an PM with the questions you have. Would love to help :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for your suggestions! I might use one… :smiley:

I’ve added some stuff :slight_smile:
A progressbar that shows how much time is left till you can harvest the item.

And this is how the market screen looks like :slight_smile:

I love that it’s pure java (ie: no additional frameworks)

Any plans to release the code for this WIP at some point?

I wish I could make a cool GUI like that, but I seem to have limited myself to a rather unappealing, boxy setup with monochrome elements. I’m not the greatest at visual design, which makes me question why I became interested in game development in the first place. Anyway, the game definitely looks really cool. I’m tempted to try to make a port, just for fun.

Guys, the code is already a pretty long while on Github!

I love the VGA look of it! The high-res icons look a bit weird in it though. I’m guessing they are placeholders?


Programmers are not graphics designers you know; the content creation is usually done by people who are passionate about that and not programming. Apparently you like the programming part and not the content creation part of a game, if you want to make a game you’ll probably at some point in time need to hook up with people that can do the parts you don’t like to do. Take Wasteland 2 as an extreme example of this in the commercial game development world: the game is in development at InExile, yet a completely separate and unrelated company was hired to do the user interface of the game for them.

Only epic indie developers do all the work on a game (programming, graphics, sounds, music) themselves. I have great respect for these individuals, but they do not set the norm. So don’t question yourself too much :wink:

I like Planting Season!!

But Mowin’ before Hoein’ is really funny … hmm…

The WIP game is playable online!

You may need to make an account. (name is temporary)

Yeah it is, but the problem is that Hoein’ must happen first before one can Mowin’