Falling Rocks

This was my second game that I made using the LibGDX framework, I originally jumped right into Pong which don’t get me wrong, worked but seemed terrible so I decided to go back to basics and actually do something simple. So here we have it, falling rocks.

You play a cave explorer called Jim, after falling into a trench and upsetting the natural balance of the cave, you soon realise that you have caused a landslide of rocks and gems. Avoid the rocks and collect the gems, don’t let Jim get crushed by too many rocks!

Although this game is getting very little attention, I am aware that it is just a reinvention of the wheel but going back to my first ever game and re-writing it with everything I’ve learned, has helped me learn so much more. As I work on other projects I will continue to add and mess with this so enjoy the updates.



A - Move Left
D - Move Right
B - Toggle Background
L - Toggle Difficulty Display
F - Toggle FPS Counter
R - Reset Score ( PERMANENT)
Left Alt - Show/Hide Cursor

Some art for you to look over!







Current Features Playable v1.0.0:

  • Full Box2D Physics and partial lighting
  • Chance based spawn system
  • Simple but informative user interface
  • Collect animation and score count indicator
  • Damage indicator
  • Camera shake
  • 4 Treasures to collect
  • 2 Health pickups
  • Highscore saving
  • 4 Difficulties, 2 unlockable
  • Menus
  • Gameplay music
  • health and gem pickups created using Bxfr


  • Sound effects
  • New player sprite set
  • Power ups
  • Buff and Debuff drops(slow you down, speed you up, increase spawn rate, shrink size etc)
  • Game modes(Got 1 planned, way off it though)



The source code should be visible, new to bitbucket. The code is pretty poor, it was written a month into me learning Java (6 or so month ago) Should look better as I refactor and add the changes.