It had to be done! I give you;



There’s only one mission and it’s a bit short but there’s only 3 bytes left…
Hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: [size] tag doesn’t work?

:o great little game :o

I love it. Even with sound. Really nice!!!

Oh my GOD! This is amazing!

::slight_smile: :o

Have you tried a different color than the black for terrain, e.g. beach sand color?

Looks fantastic!
Unfortunately the game locks up immediately, and I get the world’s least meaningful stack trace:

	at A.run(A.java:846)
	at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

The game freezes too here, after killed first enemy while spamming shoots. How to open the console on linux (openJDK)?

How do you start the game? I figured it out! ;D

+1 for SPACE instruction.


When you fight the first guy and go back into ship he will run on water and fallow you…guess we are going up against the big JC.

Pretty awesome. I like the trees and the grass, they give a nice Far Cry-ish atmosphere. I’d really, really recommend adding instructions that the player has to press the space bar to start the game (or just use a mouse click). Otherwise, I think many potential players will not get the game started.

Also, I reached the end guy, but was out of bullets by that time. I punched him for a while, but that did not seem to have much effect. Do I need bullets to kill the boss?

OK, newer version now up with starting instructions!

Sorry if you get a freeze up - I can’t reproduce it, even on an old Macbook.

I did try this and it looks great for the beach & jungle but really weird for the water and caves, and if I change the water colour I get an ugly cut-off where the colours join… :-\

You can punch but it’s hard to aim (click on an enemy’s head). It’s best to have at least 10 bullets left for Vass - hey, I didn’t want it too easy!


Fair enough :slight_smile: It looks great btw.
I was thinking, black silhouttes are usually more visible in sunsets… e.g.:


Looks nice! I tried it out though and it made the caves and zipline a rather strange experience when the background went almost completely orange!

Awesome game. Love the scenery and gfx. Wished there was a little bit more ammo but I’m getting there slowly…

Very cool! I’m impressed ;D

@StumpyStrust: Lol, JC got mean and started packing some gunishment…

Very nice graphics and cool idea. Much cooler than the original game. ;D

But suddely, after a few times, the game started to freeze every time I walked past the first house. This happens every time now, even if I reload the applet.

Strange… maybe it’s the sound… does it freeze if you click the mouse while you’re in the boat?

No, the sound works fine. I tried to play the game again. Now I got past the house, but the game got stuck when I faced the second enemy. I am running Linux, OpenJDK and the IcedTea plugin for Chome, so this may be a part of the issue.

Maybe… Are all the other 4K games working OK on that system?

All games I’ve tried are working fine, more or less, but I have not tried every game. It sounds a bit strange if some code makes the Iced Tea-plugin freeze. But the Iced Tea-plugin and the Java browser plugins for windows are not already 100% identical, so I guess it’s not impossible.