eXo PAX - Simple Space Strategy for Android & Windows

Meet my current project: eXo PAX, a 3S4X game: Simple Space Strategy involving eXploration, eXpansion, eXploitation and lots of eXtermination ;D Born from my love of space strategy games and the lack thereof on Android devices. Currently working towards an alpha version for testing purposes.

Explore a huge galaxy. Expand quickly to grab your share. Exploit the star systems to build a large fleet. Exterminate your foes to dominate the galaxy!

eXo PAX focuses on what makes 4X games fun: the joy of exploration, expansion and conquest, without tedious micromanagement. A game of eXo PAX can last many hours, yet it’s easy to hop in and out for a quick game as well, making it very suitable for playing on-the-go on mobile devices.

eXo PAX is currently in development for Android-powered smartphones & tablets and Windows computers. Im working towards an alpha release for testing purposes. You can find more information about its development on my blog, where I post regular updates (as well as here).

Game website: http://www.grunngames.com/exo-pax/

Planned features:

  • wide range of procedurally generated galaxies to play in, ranging from tiny circular galaxies containing only two empires – for a quick game – to huge galaxies containing hundreds of stars and many other empires to discover
  • choose from 10 difficulty levels and play in a (relatively) stable, pacifistic galaxy or a chaotic warzone
  • customize your own empire by choosing a name, color, ship style, ship size, and other characteristics
  • speed up time to get to the action quickly or slow down time if things get too hectic
  • no trial and error – you can only save the game state when exiting (remniscent of the roguelike genre)
  • gain inspiration points (through combat or other ways) and use these to improve your empire through research or to activate potentially game-changing special abilities

About its development:
I’m building this using Java and the LibGDX and LWJGL libraries. I created the graphics using Paint.net and InkScape. So far development progresses quite well, although I had a few instances in which I suffered from feature-creep (me adding new cool feature after feature) making things unmanageably complex and forcing me to do a complete refactoring and feature-stripping. Developing in Java using LibGDX has generally been a real joy however 8)

Latest updates:

  • [fixed] dominion chart not showing when exploration mode is active
  • [added] news ticker events now also show a map notification
  • [fixed] dominion chart sometimes not showing all empires in exploration mode
  • [added] empires now have names, which are shown on the star map and in some news ticker events
  • [added] the player can enter a name for the player’s empire
  • [added] some stats are shown on the empire overview (# of stars, ships controlled, ship support cost)
  • [fixed] saving and loading games on android

Some screenshots of the current alpha version:
The main menu:

Creating an empire:

Discovered a couple of new stars:

Galaxies can become quite large (this is a tiny part of one):

Combat between four empires:


Just tried the other game and found it very fun!
Maybe you could make the ships a little bit faster, or maybe add a way to change the game’s speed when playing.

Hey Drenius, thanks for playing the 4K game ;D I’ve added three different speed settings to the alpha version of eXo PAX based on your suggestion. It’s sometimes nice to fast-forward to a more interesting bit, or slow down when things get hectic.

I’ve also added some screenshots and updated info!