Exiled2D Official Release - v0.01

EDIT: video/tutorials coming asap.

Hey guys enjoy, API/library is not obfuscated so you may decompile if you want.

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Exiled2D Example (eclipse project):
Removed because of engine redesign

Exiled2D Library:
Removed because of engine redesign

Video Tutorials:

Text-Based Tutorials:

Im going back to work on the API and A FULLY WORKING REAL-TIME EDITOR! expect updates and media here!

[table][tr][td]GameObject Management - [table][tr][td]Interfaces[/td][/tr] [tr][td] Interface Components[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Entities[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Maps & tiles[/td][/tr]

I can tell that you are very excited about your project! Keep working on it! Can I suggest you use a service like GitHub or Bitbucket to host your code so that we may take a look. Not to mention using one of the aforementioned services will save your bacon if your local files are ever lost in some way.

Also, can you add a description of what your api/library does, what issues does it solve, and what use cases it fulfills.

yeah i am very excited and i’m really just getting the backbone of it all prepared. (plus it still needs openGl/directX implementations)

once that is finished i plan on making it open-source and will start documenting everything.
but in short, this is just a REALLY simple API for now, that can handle Drawings, maps, entities and interfaces