Error in netbeans jnlp generation.

This error occurs when i try to use the netbeans 6.8 support for making a webstart (i want to have one on my google code project page)

Duplicated project name in import. Project -profiler-impl defined first in E:\Projects\BookJar\nbproject\profiler-build-impl.xml and again in E:\Projects\BookJarUtils\nbproject\profiler-build-impl.xml
Copy libraries to E:\Projects\BookJarUtils\dist\lib.
Not copying the libraries.
Building jar: E:\Projects\BookJar\dist\BookJar.jar
Copy libraries to E:\Projects\BookJar\dist\lib.
To run this application from the command line without Ant, try:
java -jar "E:\Projects\BookJar\dist\BookJar.jar"
Signing JAR: E:\Projects\BookJar\dist\BookJar.jar to E:\Projects\BookJar\dist\BookJar.jar as nb-jws

The signer certificate will expire within six months.
Enter Passphrase for keystore: Enter key password for nb-jws: 
Do not set property jnlp.application.args.value as its length is 0.
Deleting: E:\Projects\BookJar\helper.txt
E:\Projects\BookJar\nbproject\jnlp-impl.xml:61: The following error occurred while executing this line:
E:\Projects\BookJar\nbproject\jnlp-impl.xml:115: Use a resource collection to copy directories.
BUILD FAILED (total time: 4 seconds)

Only on jnlp generation mind you. Clicking on the latter error gives me a place in the jnlp-impl.xml

That copies the icon (a png in a src subdirectory) into the dist directory (i think).

There is a guy in google that has the same error, but noone answered. I don’t know anything about ant and have minimal interest in learning. XML pushups pffft.

NetBeans 6.8 hasn’t been released yet. The right place to file bugs is the issue tracker:
i don’t think many nb devs are reading this forum :wink:

I don’t know this is a bug.

And its actually Product Version: NetBeans IDE 6.7 (Build 200906241340). And i was hoping that some Ant wizard would say “Oh its _______.”. And i know where the netbeans bug report page is considering the last thread i did and the 6 open reports i have there.

Oh fine. I will open a bug.

you said previously you are using 6.8 thats why i thought it is almost certainly a bug since even the beta isn’t yet available. Does that happen also if you create a new project, enable webstart and build?

i could take a look at your project if you would sent it to me. (tomorrow)

Hummm, no it doesn’t. A new empty project runs perfectly.

I think it might be a outdated version of the project files or something, i have this project since netbeans 5.8 or something and i just keep on using it.

Here is the svn, the libraries are in the libraries directory there (you might need to import the bookjarutils directory jars and DownloadMimeTypeImpl/downloadSPI.jar because i have those as projects here). Oh, also in the libraries\BookJarUtils directory import everything but in the DownloadMimeTypeImpl only import DownloadSPI (ServiceLoader gets confused with the other implementation, not that it matters too much - its a abstraction over the view of a download list - used here to get books of project gutenberg.).

quote button strikes again. ::slight_smile:

since your build files are already so old i would try to migrate to a fresh project. Depending how complicated your setup is it might be simpler to copy src/ and all *.properties to a new project and reconfigure the remaining parts manually.

or you could try to remove all impl.xml in nbproject/ and reopen the project which should regenerate the files (make a backup first ;)) - maybe this would already fix your build

I’m waiting to see if the programmer assigned to the bug report wants something else now (he is already aware of the problem in a general way).