Entity Collision

Hey guys. I was having a really hard time with collision. I think a part of it is because I’m having trouble differentiating my left and right from the screen’s left and right. I think another part of it is because I’m a scrub. Anyways, I had to break out the quad rule to figure it out.

I recorded it too hoping that:
A. I got it right and
B. if A is correct, I can help other people.

Call to action:
Could you take a look at the video and if you find my logic wrong, could you hint to as what I messed up?
The instructional video part starts at 1 min 13 seconds if you want to skip the filler, thanks.


Some information about the actual code in question (Whether it’s completely written out by you, whether you’re using some sort of library, etc.) would be useful. Asking people to watch an entire video to try to spot the error’s a bit difficult, especially for those answering on a mobile device. Further, due to the speed of the video it’s a bit hard to see anything beyond your ‘Writing it out on the grid pad’ part.