Enlightenment The Journey

this is a screen shot of sometyhing i have been toying with for a few years, learning as i go to develop the ultimate game haha its not quite ready for testinghttp://www.java-gaming.org/user-generated-content/members/12462/enlightenmentthejourney.jpg

what am I looking at?

Its a new type of experience , this is a rough idea for layout, its a character progression game, ie you, its a virtual online temple dedicated to spiritual kung fu, martial arts and enlightenment, i will show you step by step, learn the moves, progress to the stage where you can take part in one on one combat from another character across the globe, chat lobby, profile search, my phd phesis on anatomy and physiology, brouse through my research in the temple library on 400 species of aromatic plants containing essential oils, real life in game format with real world consequences, im currently filming myself for the individual moves you learn so i can rip the frames, buffered images, im also working on the back end servers it needs so lots of work to do and just me doing it haha but its my temple for me, anyone can visit when i open its doors

i also forgot how to show images on here haha

that is the question i asked myself when i came into this world, as will be when i am inside the world where my temple exsists only its a mess there are windows all over the place, the locations are scattered all over multiple sheets, bad programming style comming back to haunt me, what we are all looking at is a reflection of ourselves manifested in the physical form, my game shows you this, its a game of choices, paths to explore, experiencing conciousness itself, its what we are, wrapped in a physical form, we are the creators of our own universes, all is observable in the temple library, all vistors are observable and interactable if they so wish, again down to choices, do you play or not ? all questions

Godspeed, but… what the fuck

online fighting game with a real twist