Efe Tozan - Full Time Composer For Your Games

Hello Guys!

My name is Efe Tozan and i am a multi instrumentalist Indie Game Musician - Freelance Composer from Istanbul.
I have 11 years experience with music. 3 years in game industry, worked for many indie games.
I can do;

  • Orchestral scores for every genre (Classical, electronic, hiphop, rock, jazz, ethnic world music, etc…)
  • Epic title tracks and main themes,
  • Action, spooky, happy, cute and romantic background musics,
  • Trailer tracks
  • Ambient soundscapes

You can test my skills!

You can see my portfolio on these links,


for more music:

Skype: efe.tozan

Efe Tozan

Very impressive!

Thank you :slight_smile:

awesome! very impressive.

you should try to contact the http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/ dev. your tunes would get his game to a new level. o/

Thank you :slight_smile: