EasyOgg nowhere to be found.

I’ve been trying to find a sound system that I am able to get working, and I see many forum posts that recommend EasyOGG. One problem. EasyOGG is nowhere to be found. It seems that the creator has deleted it, as every link to it results in a 404. Is there any remaining place I can find it or is it gone for good?

I’m not familiar with EasyOgg. But maybe I can help with recommending another library. What are you hoping to use it for? Java desktop? Android/iOS? What does it have to be capable of handling?

Java desktop, and it needs to be capable of playing sounds and music. It doesn’t matter what format. It also needs to be something that someone who isn’t too experienced can use.

I recommend Paul Lamb Sound Library. It has a codec for Ogg. It has several backends for desktop environments, I use its JOAL plugin unlike Minecraft.

I do have it and could upload it, but its really ancient.

I use OpenAL through libgdx.

There’s also TinySound.

Major issue with TinySound is that it cannot stream from the audio source, which means it decompresses the entire file during init (can add significant delays), and holds all uncompressed samples in memory throughout playing the file (this can easily be hundreds of MBs).

[quote]public static Music loadMusic(File file, boolean streamFromFile)

(I haven’t looked at the source, is it broken or something?)

I’ve already tried the Paulscode sound system and it refuses to load sound. It was initializing correctly, but sound was not loading. I’ll go give it another shot so I can paste the error code.

[quote]Error in class ‘LibraryJavaSound’
Unable to open file ‘wnw.ogg’ in method ‘loadSound’
Error in class ‘LibraryJavaSound’
Source ‘Source_-966649905_539347467’ was not created because an error occurred while loading wnw.ogg
Error in class ‘LibraryJavaSound’
Source ‘Source_-966649905_539347467’ not found in method ‘play’
Is there a specific place where I’m supposed to put the file or…?

That’s some progress, sort of.

System.out.println("Loading sound..."); ///sound initialization start/// SoundSystem soundSystem = new SoundSystem(); soundSystem.backgroundMusic("Test", "wnw.ogg", true); ///sound initialization end/// System.out.println("Sound loaded successfully...");

@BurntPizza: apparently it has been fixed… nice. I haven’t tried it in over a year.

Thanks for suggesting TinySound. It’s the only thing that I’ve managed to get working so far.

I have one last question involving TinySound. Is there a way to stop a song when it’s in the middle of playing so another one can play?

Music has stop() and pause() depending on what you need.
Sound has stop().

Thanks again. This’ll help me a lot.

I was going to suggest TinySound, too.

Does it output via OpenAL? I thought it used the javax.sound.sampled library, and wasn’t running on Android/iOS as a consequence. Am I wrong about that?

I didn’t know TinySound integrates with LibGDX and OpenAL. Use of these two implies that the OP is interested in publishing on all three platforms.

You are correct. He said he was interested in desktop, so TS should be sufficient.

At the moment I’m focusing on making somewhat small java games for the PC, so this does everything I want it to do.

I’m busy learning Android and have the following plan/goal–>writing a Java library that handles the mixing of tracks, some signal processing effects, some soft synths, and event system, and some provisions for things like creating soundscapes with aleatoric elements and branching of sound/music based on game state. (Much of the preceding is now working.) It will be structured to allow either a javax or Android adaptor to be used with it to isolate and handle interfacing with the native code for the two systems.

When I make more progress, I’ll make an announcement in the Audio area. Am pleased so far just to have gotten over the hump with learning how to bring a Java jar/library into Android, and to have gotten a working Android Studio/Linux system, with emulators using an accelerator working. Probably still a month away, though. Android development has proved to have a steep learning curve.

Glad to hear TinySound is working. It is a nifty and very helpful library. I suspect it could be optimized a bit, though for cpu usage. Be sure to test as you add more sounds to the system, as it may start clicking and dropping out depending on how hard you push it. Some folks have mentioned problems with this, but I think if you keep your cues simple you will be fine.