Draw Your Way (Android + Web)


Hello guys, this is my first released game!

Me: Programmer / Game Designer.
My Friend Lucas: art (visual/audio) + Game Designer.

IDE, tools and libraries: Eclipse, Libgdx, Google Play Games, Google Web Toolkit.

Draw Your Way

The goal is basically to make the best score possible, you get points avoiding obstacles.
You are able to make horizontal platforms with touch event, the character can “bounce” on the platforms.
The game difficulty increases as your score, reaching the maximum difficulty with 90 points (is very hard).
More details in the tutorial of the game itself in the “question mark” on the Main Menu.
NOTE: Devices with little screen can be hard to play because you need some precision touch event.


  • 30+ Achievements.
  • 30+ Unlockable Characters
  • Global Leaderboard (min 5 points).
  • Difficulty based on points.
  • Player statistics.

Android: http://goo.gl/XWytSB
Web (demo): Soon.

Known issues:

  • “Points counter” volume is not sync with global volume.






Hope you enjoy, thanks JGO community!