Dragon 4k Boxing


This is my game, its a 4k remake of nes/snes/arcade classic (well, not really a classic but i loved it ;)) fighting game with unique controlls.
It may be a bit tricky in the begining, anyway here is how it works.
There is a mark that shows up on characters It may show up on upper, middle or low point. If it shows on a player, he must block, if its on the enemy its time to strike ;).
ESC - quit
UP - upper block
LEFT/RIGHT - middle block or move left/right
DOWN - low block
UP + Z - high kick
LEFT/RIGHT + Z - middle kick
DOWN + Z - low kick
UP + X - high punch
LEFT/RIGHT + X - middle punch

Comments are welcome.

cool game. I love all these remakes! I’m working on a few games from 80’s (MSX games)


Game starts with a tutorial now! Similar to one that original game has. Also enemies now look different than the player ;).
I wanted to improve the gameplay but i ran out of space, so ths is probably the one an only update…


Awesome title screen; it’s the best title screen I’ve seen. Interesting that you hid the window borders. I can’t believe that the game includes a training period. Those strings must have used up a lot of space. If you chose better colors, I think the sprites could have been much improved. After training, I’m still no good at this. In a fighting game, I really don’t want to learn so much. How about an attack button that randomly punches and kicks and a block button, plus jump and move left/right? Also, slow it down so that I can actually kill the enemy.

Thanks for your comment. All the strings use a lot of space but I realized that this game is too difficulit and needs a tutorial :). I use same paletes original game does, I’m not much of artist so I don’t think i could do any better ;).
Actually original game has two control modes: “standard” and “master”. Standard mode is similar to what you propose: forward is a block, and there are two attack buttons: punch and kick. I decided to implement master mode because i thought standard would be too trivial - i guess only for me hehe. The first enemy is supposed to be easy to beat but now its rather too late for making improvments since the contest is closed ;).