Does the source code working on java4k site??

Hey appel, I have posted the source of my game (Mole Mole 2), but I’m not able to see it in the site, and I guess nobody is able to get it.

Is it working?

I will add this feature tonight. The source code is saved (if you attached it), but there’s currently no way for public users to view the source.

Just one of those things I “forgot” to do :slight_smile:

no problem! thanks!

I think it’s a very good idea to have all the games’s source (for the ones who wants to release it) centralized in java4k site.

Source code is now available.

I’ll probably change this in next contest, doesn’t look like it’s binary safe the way I’m doing it, but unless you’re using some exotic characters it should be fine.

Nice and useful feature :slight_smile:
However, it looks like your source code check isn’t working. It says Source Code Available for all games, some src code links working and others not :-\

Fixed :slight_smile: