DIY QUIZ ! (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian... input supported)


DIY_QUIZ_! is a test making app giving you the ability to create,modify, take, import or export your quizzes.
This app will help you to create quizzes quickly. (e.g, Language tests & quizzes)

This app can be used to create quizzes to prepare professional language tests (e.g, JLPT, TOPIC, HSK…)

Features :
-Create, modify & take quizzes easily
-Import quizzes
-Export quizzes
-Chinese/Korean/Japanese input supported (use preferably Google’s Android keyboards)
-Add a letter or a symbol by his UTF-8 Unicode
-Very long questions & answers supported

A few pics :slight_smile:

Quiz creation :

Quiz edition :

In game pictures :

Score & answers

Add a character or a symbol by its unicode (UTF-8) :

Comments and suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile: