[Distribution] Website & server with monetary transactions - suggestions/info?

I’m looking to distribute my game. I want to have a website with the ability to pay for and download the game. I need the distribution to be readily updatable as I continue to update the game. Can anyone recommend any information or routes regarding this?

I can probably handle making the website, but I don’t know so much about who/what/how to use the monetary transaction part. Seems like paypal has that almost monopolized, but I’m not so informed there. Then what server service to use for dowloading or how to push updates is rather unknown to me.

Thanks! ;D

You really don’t want to bother with money transactions by yourself…
Rather use a site like itch.io

Can you say why not?

Too much effort for little to no benefit. Games aren’t bought from individual game sites but from Steam, GOG, Itch, etc… Except you are a huge player by yourself.

Ah, I see. I’m not expecting Steam to let my game on in any reasonable timeframe. Unfamiliar with the process for GOG or Itch. I don’t want to be denied distribution because I can’t get my product to market.

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