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This post particularly pertains to my Android live wallpaper, as described in this post: http://www.java-gaming.org/topics/sheep/30056/view.html, although I’m well and truly open to any suggestions in general. I have two main questions:

  1. Distribution.
    My wife bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 today. I noticed the “Samsung App Store” on there, as opposed to the Google Play Store. Does anyone have any experience with the Samsung store? What about the Amazon app store? How do they both compare to the Google store? If I am getting 2/3rds-of-bugger-all downloads on the Google store, can I expect better or worse on these other two stores? I also note that (at least) the Amazon store charges a hefty yearly fee to publish apps on there. Is the Amazon market so much greater than the Google store that it is worth paying more than Google’s one-time $25 fee? Are there any other major distribution options/stores that I should be aware of, and try submitting my app to them?

  2. Marketing.
    I understand that my app sales would be greatly aided by: a) having built a bit of a name for myself as a developer, and b) having an app which is rather awesome and desirable. Assuming that I have neither of these things, what are my options for further exposing my app to the public and generating more downloads & purchases? Are there any major forums that I should be promoting my app in? Are there websites that I should submit my app to for review? How or where do you guys drum up extra support for your apps?

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I’m an avid Samsung owner: between me and my girlfriend it comes out to 2 Samsung tv’s, a bluray player, 4 phones, and a printer. I also get something shipped nearly every week using my Amazon Prime membership., and finally, about 2/3 of my music collection is from Amazon MP3. Yet I’ve still never found a single reason to bother with the Amazon or Samsung app stores. I have to imagine anyone who buys an app from one of those stores does so purely by accident.

So, yeah, anecdote, take it for what it’s worth, but I’d certainly focus on the Play store first.

Anecdotal, but a useful point of view nonetheless sproingie. I guess it’s somewhat what I was expecting. Although out of interest, have you recently purchased any new Samsung gear? I might be going crazy, but it appears on my wife’s phone that the Play store application doesn’t come pre-installed any more. Could it be that Samsung is trying to push new users towards the Samsung store? If this is the case, I just wonder if it’s worth jumping on the bandwagon and trying to get a piece of the action? I’m not certain if it is all S4’s worldwide; we bought her phone in China, which as you probably know is a country that has a funny relationship with Google.

Given what you have said about the Amazon store, it might be worth giving it a miss then. It appears to be a lot of hassle to publish apps on there, only to reach an audience which (I’m guessing) is smaller than the Play store. Although I do wonder if visibility in such stores is greater; Play seems to be bloated with a lot of tripe which users have to wade through.

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nerb. :slight_smile:

PS. Anyone got any views or suggestions on the marketing part of my question?

If you truly want to get it out there, and it doesn’t take too much time or cost any money. I would say go for it??

Also, your original link here

The images are no longer showing for me

I like it. I feel like you could make a neat little game out using whats there. Or add some more custom events. e.g. at night time, have them jump over a fence? :yawn:

One advantage of the Samsung app store is that you can get 100% of the money if you go through 100% indie rather than having 20-30% taken by the other stores.

So far, sales are about the same for me on the Samsung store as they are on the play store.



Am I right in thinking that the Amazon App Store is the only option for (un-rooted) Kindle tablets?

Also the $99 per year developer fee is “currently waived” according to their FAQ.

I keep meaning to upload my app to the Amazon and Samsung (and Ouya) stores, but I never get further than reading the FAQs. :wink:

Last Samsung I bought was an SGS3. Was going to get an SGS4 but I went with an iPhone out of curiosity. Nice hardware, can’t say much nice about the software even jailbroken (in my estimation the App Store interface is atrocious compared to the Play store, just for starters). Anyway, I’ve not heard anything about the Play store being unavailable on any stock Samsung devices – heck, they even sell an unlocked SGS4 directly through the Play store running stock Android.

I just inserted the images from the Play store page, which have since changed. I should update the links now you mention it! Thanks for the comments too.

Thanks Kev, this is good to know. As mentioned I’ve made 2/3rds of bugger-all sales, but I might as well make another 2/3rds on the Samsung store too.

dishmoth, I’ve got no idea if Kindles can only use the Amazon store, but that is interesting; could potentially open up your app to a few more devices. Given that the fee is waived it might be a good time to try it out.

Might just be Chinese anti-Googleism then ???.

Cheers all, much appreciated.