Did you know Titanium SDLK for Mobile development?

I there, I have stopped for a looooong time “Applet” development but still continue on differents other technologies including Java.

I discover a year ago Titanium SDK, it is a cross-plateform SDK for Mobile development Android & IOS, It is sometime hard to find good informations about it and so I try to launch a forum, here its temporary URL Titanium SDK Cross-Plateform Mobile Development - Titanium SDK - Expert Forum (dzzd.net)

What interresting with this product is that you can extend it with pure Android Java extension (or pure IOS)

My OpengGL library for Titanium (mostly in Java) : GitHub - DzzD/TiGL: Titanium OpenGL : Android Graphical & Animation OpenGL Module

And a project demonstrating it capabilities : GitHub - DzzD/TiGLDemo: This is TIGL Demo repository, TIGL is an OpenGL Renderer for Titanium Mobile Application/


For more info , the new Titanium SDK official page since January 2022 is there https://tidev.io/