+Story :
An ancient evil is lurking in the nearby catacombs. Some say they conceal a gate to Hell… The elders considered sending the village idiot to investigate the place for an acceptable loss. But as he fell ill the night before starting his quest, you were finally chosen to replace him, in your quality of Daemon Hunted…

+Key features :

  • classic hack-and-slash gameplay ;
  • legions of undead, daemons and other foul creatures to battle ;
  • a unique character class, the Daemon Hunted, with a unique skill, Rapid Fire ;
  • a procedurally generated and multi-level dungeon to explore ;
  • three difficulty levels : normal, nightmarish and hellish ;
  • a true ending on hellish difficulty level, although really not worth the pain to reach it ;
  • hardcore mode only.

+Release plans :
It’s too early to estimate Di4klo’s release date. As with all Java4K games, our goal is to create a game that is as fun, balanced, and polished as possible. We intend to take as much time developing Di4klo as is necessary to ensure the game meets our own high expectations and those of our players.

+Release plans : [UPDATE]
It’s done !

And available here :

Some additional informations about the game :

+Controls :
Left mouse button : move the Daemon Hunted to the location of the mouse cursor.
Right mouse button : shoot arrows in the direction of the mouse cursor.

+Gameplay :

  • as a level 0 character, the Daemon Hunted can’t gain experience, levels, new skills nor improve his life and mana ;
  • at the bottom center of the screen, a letter indicates the Equipment Rating of the Daemon Hunted, relative to the power of the enemies in the current dungeon level. It ranges from A for the best to Z for the worst ;
  • the better the Equipment Rating, the better the offense and defense of the Daemon Hunted ;
  • chests can be found across the dungeon, containing new pieces of armor and bows that will improve the Equipment Rating, and also potions that immediately restore life and mana ;
  • count on around 15-20 minutes to finish the game in normal difficulty.

Wow, that’s pretty epic. Good stuff! :smiley:

@ Morre

Thanks for your comment. On my turn, I can’t wait to see your demake of Dungeon Keeper, as you imagine I like dungeon building !

Cool! I got to -5 (D). I should have spent more time upgrading. :slight_smile: Nice assortment of enemies, bosses too! I wonder what is deeper…

  • Nate, thank you for your feedback. I hope you were not too much disappointed by what you found below deepness -5, if you tried it again…

  • Beside that, the game has been updated to the version 1.1, correcting a bug that sometime set stairs too closed to the player starting position into the catacombs. The frame rate has also been slightly increased.

  • A possible next update could be related to the difficulty beyond normal level, that I have not intensively tested.

Really nice. I get confused to that negative value, is it lvl?

Rebirth, the number ( often a negative value ) that appears at the top right of the game screen is the deepness or current dungeon level.

There is no character level. However, the letter at the bottom center of the screen is for the Equipment Rating, that reflects the player’s power relative to enemies on the current dungeon level ( A being the best, Z the worst ). You can improve it by opening chests ( and getting better equipment in them ), and it will decrease each time you enter a new dungeon level.

Thanks for your appreciation and feedback !

Oh that’s it. Nice game especially the isometric look (dang I must start to learn it).

Incredible O_O

I think you need some sort of better guis (tooltip?) to explain all the stuff inside this game! Good work!

  • Gornova, thanks for your comments and suggestions. Unfortunately, I’m afraid there isn’t enough spare space to implement any sort of tooltip in the game… But I shall certainly develop the instruction about the gui in the presentation page.

  • Rebirth, you should open a topic down here about your Bubo 4K. The same for the others ( like Bonbon-Chan… ) who haven’t done it yet for their own game.

Thank you StephR,

the reason I haven’t put it yet because it still has some bytes left to fill with so I’ll post it when added two or more features ;D

Very cool game, managed to get down to -6, but there I didn’t survive too long^^
I really like the graphics and all the different enemies. And the game feels very polished :slight_smile:

Quite cool. Got killed by skeleton arrows in -3.

Pit and Eli, thanks for your comments, and sorry for answering you so lately.

Pit, unfortunately, the game difficulty was not very polished on Nightmarish and Hellish levels. Until now, as my final update ( at least I hope so… ) for this game has been released a few minutes ago.

Eli, you certainly meant deepness -2 for getting skeleton arrows in your knee.

Diablo 3 pre release!

No seriously well done. Controls are responsive and feel just like diablo. This game just needs an xp and equip system (obviously omitted to get under 4k) and it would go to a new level. I was hesitant to stand on the orange tile marker though as it had no stair design on it which made me think it was lava… lol

Anyway you sir will be getting my vote.

Thank you for appreciating my game and playing it so far, Christopher ! But do not feel obliged with your vote as there are so many other great games submitted this year.