Developing a Jackbox-like web-based game. Best practices?

I need some advice from a better web-developer.

I am making a game similar to Jackbox’s Quiplash:

  • A host (whose screen is visible to all players, preferably on a TV) is able to go to a website to start a game.
  • Using a 4-character key, up to 8 players can join.
  • The game gives everyone prompts to answer.
  • Two candidate’s responses are voted on by the rest of the party
  • The winner gets a point.
  • The rounds of voting continue, and a winner is chosen

I made a prototype, complete with voting and all the client-side graphics, using Python 3 with a Flask / SocketIO webserver. However, I’ve started to miss Java’s static-typing and class system. Once I ran into multi-threading issues, I decided to switch to Java.

For context, it’s been a while since I worked in Java, and that was mostly with games and graphics, not with any networking or web servers.

I would appreciate advice on how to rebuild my server in Java with multi-threading issues in mind.

  1. What kind of web server library should I use for real-time communication with the client?

  2. How do I design my game-manager in a thread-safe, scalable way?


Hello there!

I heard java applet is not suitable for many web browser. (including chrome)
If you really can do web browser using java i wouldn’t hold you back and that might be very complicated process.
For your question im sorry man i cant answer it. thats as far as i know using java.

there might be some people that have more knowledge than me will answer your question.
So for now you need to pray and hope for that in here or you can just check their old thread in this forum