[dev]Bunnies in the Clouds

In a shameless homage to Ferry Halim’s Orisinal, here’s my hat in the ring;


Bunnies in the Clouds

About 10 hours all told, but no more time! Hope you enjoy it, it’s less of a game, more of an excuse to listen to some jolly nice music…

Edit: dur - add link! Gosh I’m tired!

I like superduke!

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I like it.

Hey Simon, if this is your final post don’t forget to include a poll with thumbs up and thumbs down options!


Er… how do I include a poll? - not that I’m so bothered now, I was thinking that if no-one else completed, my shameless rip-off would get all that lovely cash… Looks like there’ll actually be some original games though!

I did have a nice idea, but just couldn’t see it done in the short time;
Spearman: Throw spears into walls and use them as springboards to bounce up to ever higher locations… Could have been a winner!

Start a new thread thats a poll, can’t not have this beauty in the contest :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed it, clone of another game or not, this version is fun :slight_smile: