[Desktop] Fragile Soul

Salutations, this is me. Below is my game.

Fragile Soul is a new roguelike role-playing game in which you play as the soul of a hero that fell in battle a long time ago.
To avoid an eternity of damnation, the soul is forced to traverse dangerous dungeons in order to find the key to his salvation.
Explore the dark corridors and get ready to face fierce monsters that will try to prevent your soul from reaching peace. Cleverly plan each attack as only one hit will rend your attempt void.






You can snatch up the game here: http://dragonadventuregames.itch.io/fragile-soul for $2
Free Key #4 (7/24/2014)(Get it before someone else does!): http://dragonadventuregames.itch.io/fragile-soul/download/50LU5uIMvKODOK9raofcqyGEeDH86dSlCDp49F5v

System Requirements:
Memory: 1GB or higher
Disk Space: ~200MB
CPU: 1GHz or higher
Resolution: 1024x720 or higher
OS: Anything that supports Java7 (Java 1.7)