Deploying, and installing on a cellphone

Hi everyone!

I’ve got a problem when it comes to running my game at the cellphone. It works fine without errors on the emulator phone in the wireless toolkit, but when I try to install the jar on my phone, it tells me nothing but “Operation failed”. Is there a way to find out what the problem actually is? I’ve tried 3 different phones.

The game is using MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 . The phones are for sure supporting this!

When installing, I’ve just uploaded the .jar to the phone, and ran in it. (The phone asks to install, and then gives me the error…)

Really hope there are someone with a clever solution to this. Would be a shame not being able to play it on anything but the emulator! :wink:

Actually, that was just because I’d chosen MIDP 2.1 for some strange reason 8) . (Created a new project hoping there was a problem there…)
Still, I now get an error when running it. I got this before also. That’s why I created the new project. The actual problem I got is that I receive “Application error” when running it.

There’s lots of possible reasons (jar size too big, images too big, some phones only allow installation OTA &c, &c)

Search here for further info…

Does your manifest file contain all the necessery info? And be sure that you are not using, for example, nokia specific code on a phone that does not support it.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mobile Development. Trust me, it gets worse from here on (and people wonder why I left)

The list of problems is about as long as my arm.

malberts is correct. Make sure your manifest AND jad is 100% correct.
Also SimonH is correct with the size issue, though this is often caught by the OS.

Even a missing extra empty line at the end can be the problem.

Are you signing it or using permissions? The latter can be a real killer. I have seen multiple S60s with different permission requirements.

Are you using the correct image types (keep to PNGs) or are you using any weird media types?

Last but not least:
NEVER trust the Emulator! They lie!