Demolition Derby 4K

Survive the mayhem and be the last car standing in this gruelling destruction derby game.

Make it through and you’re in for more mayhem with with more cars.

Use the bull bar on the front of your car, to smash up the other cars and protect your car.

…oh, did I forget to mention that all the other drivers are out to get you!


  • Arrow keys or WSAD for car control.
  • Shift for hand brake.
  • Esc to retry.


Feedback / comments / praise / flames all welcome. …well, maybe not the flames. :slight_smile:

Yay, a driving game :smiley:
Nice work on AI and tire tracks. My only complaints are (1) that there’s a “game over” notification or something, instead of the game just ending, and (2) a health bar instead of a damage taken bar, although that’s probably just preference.
The main trick I used to win was letting the other cars crash into each other by escaping like a ninja. Fun game!

Excellent ideas ninja driver! 8)

  1. The game actually never ends, you just get more and more cars, so I’ve now added a “Level x” message.
  2. I agree, health bar makes more sense. Now changed the damage bar to a health bar.

The only effective strategy is to flee, wait until every car but one breaks down after running into each other at the same time, and then keep away from the last remaining car into it crashes into something. Without that strategy, it’s too hard and with that strategy it’s unchallenging and depends entirely on luck or patience. :frowning: Is it meant to be that type of game?

Yes. :wink:

…well, you can’t just wait, as they come after you. And I would have thought it’s not entirely luck, as you need to dodge the other cars. It was supposed to be a case of position your car so the opponents crash into each other. However, it didn’t quite work as well as I had hoped.

Thought about going down the route of your car is stronger on the front then the back, so if you hit someone, you do more damage or get points, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

Any ideas on how to spice up the game play strategy would be greatly appreciated.

Nice game.

Yes it is right, my strategy was to flee but for me it was fun but it was quiet hard to me. My best is level 3 …

One idea:
Perhaps you don’t lose so much health when you hitting another car in the back or on the side with your front. So you have to be more active.


Cool idea for a game, I love the tire tracks and the physics seem to work pretty well. I also found that just running away from all the opponents is the best way :persecutioncomplex:

But I agree, it would be better to be able to be more active… it only seems right for a demolition derby game ;D

My suggestions would be:

  • More damage given & less taken for collision with front vs. side and back (as has already been said)
  • More link between collision velocity and damage (at the moment it seems you can lose all your health by just “scraping” against the opponents, which doesn’t seem like a very destructive thing)
  • Engine and collision sounds, if you can fit them in somehow…

Sound in a 4K game? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jimmt: Sound yes -

Sound + game - more tricky… :wink:

Great game. I agree that changing the damage amount based on location would add more variety and strategy to the game.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get past Level 39.

Okay, your car now has a “bull bar” attached to the front of it. Use it to smash up the other cars while protecting your own car.

Also, damage now only occurs with larger collisions, the bigger the smash, the more damage.

Other changes include:

  • A handbrake (Shift key).
  • Screen flashes red when you take damage.

This game is AWESOME :smiley:

This game is indeed very fun, the handbrake was an excellent addition.

I think gameplay would be more exciting if you also added the user’s speed in the bottom right corner, or something along those lines. Oh and if you place yourself on the circumference of the circle the cars just push you in the circle forever without anyone taking damage, this seems not intentional of the game’s design.

This is great fun. The tyre marks are a nice polished touch.

Maybe I just need more practice, but I think it would be great if the turning circle could get much tighter when you slow down?

Also I had the same problem with being deadlocked into the grass by a slow moving car.

I had lots of fun bashing dead cars into the path of live cars :). So there is a bit of strategy involved.

Love the handbrake turns!