Deleting my account

Is there a way to get my account deleted from this forum?

Wait for the forum to slowly succumb to heat death?

Cas :slight_smile:

“Delete this account” is the last selection in the “Profile” tab.

What’s the point? Do you believe the forum database will be overloaded with your account, so by deleting your account, it will get better. ;D
BTW, is there a way to bring this forum up? This has been really dead, lately. Is java really dead?

[quote]Is java really dead?
Not Java, but Java game development, people are droning towards Unity for game dev, even in the mobile realm after they spent some time optimizing it for that purpose.

It’s hardly surprising given the 20 years it has taken to not get a JVM on Playstation or Xbox…

Anyways: reason to delete account - security. You don’t want zombie accounts all over the web with your creds lingering on. Best practice is to obfuscate: update your username, email, and password to random scrambled characters that even you don’t know, and then never come back.

Cas :slight_smile:

I see, engines… It makes sense tho. I still see activity in forums like and libgdx, but it’s probably not even close to unity and the other big engines.

For game dev, I believe PC and Android is still ok.

I like Java. I would like to see this forum going for more 20 years or so.

Anyway, I want to thank everybody for all the threads, and help they gave me indirectly.

Thanks, but I can’t see any such option there.

It’s there all right, on the left hand side… under Profile Info, Modify Profile, and Actions headings. It’s the only option under Actions. I’d post a pic but this hopeless forum doesn’t seem to have a way to post pics easily.

Cas :slight_smile:

Ahh, that would explain it. I don’t have a section labelled “Actions”.

The menu on the left looks like this:

Profile Info
Show Stats
Show Posts

Modify Profile
Account Related Settings
Forum Profile Information
Look and Layout Preferences
Notifications and Email
Personal Message Options

That’s it.

Hence why we’re trying to ditch this old forum and move on :stuck_out_tongue:

Best thing to do then is simply update your username to some random characters, change your email to, and finally change your password to a random string of lengthy gibberish and don’t write it down.

Cas :slight_smile:

Cheers, thanks Cas. I’ll do that.