Definite guide to supporting multiple device resolutions on Android (2014)

Hi all,

I spent some time to investigate all the devices out there and do some analysis on the screen resolutions out there. For 3D games, you don’t really care, but if you are making a 2D game you want graphics to be crisp clear. And only way to do that is to use 1:1 pixel mapping, i.e. set the game camera to the same resolution as the device screen.

Of course, this means drawing all the assets in multiple sizes. I found that it not too hard, you can always draw stuff big and scale it down. I also like to use ImageMagick to add text to images that are already scaled down. If it’s more complex, you can code it in Java as well. Anyway, drawing is not the problem if you know which resolutions you want to support and how big your pictures should be.

In the end, I came up with six different sizes that should cover 99% of devices that are currently out there. I explained each one in detail. Take a look:

I hope this helps anyone who starts a new 2D Android game project.