DarkCHAT at JavaONE2009

Well we showed DarkCHAT at JavaOne lastweek- its 100% JavaFX front end fully scripted in JavaFX 1.2, Keith built us the backend and client magic using the amazing Darkstar and Chris Oliver did some other magic so the two bits worked perfectly together within the client.

Then it was over to myself and Mo to get the code written up in JavaFX itself. Took some doing for us designer types, but we got sorted with some last min help from our super engineer Ken who redid some of our maths Wink

Loads of stuff we’d like to have done on top of the finished design, but number one rule of having to design then code something is to “stick to the design” or it gets effected by code workarounds. We then gave it to all attendees at JavaONE2009 - fully working Darkstar application. rocked!

If anyone wants bits of the magic, just ask here and I’m sure we can help.

Where can we see this app? or is there a video of it being used?

aye, some details would be nice … video, app you name it …


i’ll see if i can get it back online for the public to have accounts on it.
they everyone can have a play with it, it was fun to make.


we had hot nurses at javaone to help out with any tension release.

Hehe sounds like fun.

lucky you

we are going to bring DarkCHAT back online to the public world! save me explaining what it does :).
seems i have to code up some frontend registration mumble (bound to work!) ahaha… nutter at the keyboard…
tap tap tap, ding, glass-what-fish? hu… ok… rockit…