Current takes on JavaFX issues

Back almost exactly two years ago (Sep 2017) we had a discussion about problems with JavaFX. I’m linking @princec’s reply which is followed immediately by @Riven and others.

With JavaFX split off, there was some hope that at least some of these issues could be addressed. JavaFX 13 has been released. What progress has been made? Here is a link to the JavaFX 13 Release Notes.

For example, JDK-8167148 Add native rendering support by supporting WritableImages backed by NIO ByteBuffers
How much does this improve rendering?

This still-open matter is more pertinent?
JDK-8091324 Allow FX to interoperate with 3rd party (native) OpenGL visualizations

The initial post is very old, but there is recent activity originating from work by @gouessej pertaining to NEWT. Bug 607 - JavaFX 2+ and JOGL should work together, comments 27, 28.
Also Bug 1364 - Add JavaFX Support for NEWT utilizing native Window parenting via NewtCanvasJFX

My knowledge of behind-the-scene’s graphics processing is limited. I’ll benefit from any background or explanatory info included in replies, where it isn’t too much trouble.