Creating dev team Java 2d!!

if you have other questions about this ask in comments!!!

What programming languish do we use?

  • The team will use pure Java?

What IDE will the team use?

  • This is no choose, you need to have eclipse to join the team or this wont work out!.

What do I need to join the team?

  • The most important one is Skype and nice attitude against other people in the team!.
  • Other needed things can be ex:
  • Know how to draw-graphics!
  • Know how to Code…!

[OBS - If you don’t have this things don’t keep or reading and waste your time!]
What is Really important to have?

  • Skype + Mick! + its not gona be a fuc### 1$ Mick and not doing enoying sounds in Skype!
  • Eclipse as IDE!
  • Be over at least 16 to join! // This can be changed depending on your skills and voice!
  • Good since of humor and not be racist!
  • Don’t curse at your team mates , your team-mates are you’re learners keep that in your head!
  • Know when to do ctrl - z, we will use Saros as our multi coding plug-in! that’s why!
  • communicate with others in team <-- really important, you need to be you self, as long as you are
    not over reacting you’re self.

How long time are you gona be looking for people?
1 month!

What happens if no people joined the team?
well… fuck…!

Can I meet PewDiePie?
probably not neater will I =(

When do you want me to contact you?
Soonest as possible.

How do I join?

  • first you start by reading this post! then you contact me on Skype, and show me some projects you have done

When do I earn for coding game’s with this team?
Knowledge about game creating!
Hopefully we get some sub’s at youtube!

Knowledge = power!
power = Awesomeness!
Awesomeness = you!
you = you!
you = you!
you = you!
you = you!
you = infinity! //till you die…

Do I get paid for this =D!?
NO! why?
we create 2d games not fucking call of duty or titan fall bro!

What are you looking for!?

  • Java programmers 1 - 3 years experience 2 years is OK to!
    . Graphics artist 1, we don’t really need more then 1 but if that guy has friend that want to help sure…!

What does this team code for type of games?

  • We code top downer’s and 2d plat formers for the moment now.

When will it start to be posted on JGO and Youtube?

  • about 1 month in to the development.

When does the coding and other FUN stuff begin?
about 1 week after team has learned knowing etch other little more!

How much time do I need per day?

  • about 1 - 2h is OK then I mean then you need to code not playing around and just being in Skype.
  • else if like 6 - 12h pew day would be awesome that’s my time so having 3 more members with that time = OP!

What library’s will we use?

  • The team will code from scratch that = no library’s at all.


  • the team are gona make video etch week on the game and it’s process, I will be the recorder cause its
    my channel but all the team mates channel will be showed in video ofcorse / or you can record you to.

Do I need to know coding to join?

  • No you don’t, but you need to have other skill’s ex: Graphics artist,and other skills in game

How do I contact you and speak with the team?

  • Skype will be our conservation-er. <-- NAILD IT!

Contact info!!
Skype: tomastero , I’m Swedish BTW but am good at talking English better then I type it
email: [don’t bother send anything I never look at it lol just saying]
Youtube channel: post comment on trailer for channel and I will answer there, am always at yt!