Creating animations - sprites

I could download sprites packages, but I want to create myself.
Whats is best program to create sprites stack? (i.e. I create ‘original’ image, and I want to make few ones similar to ‘original’ image)

As we know, changing pictures every 0.2 second could make impression of a movie.

I dont think gimp is best choise, something should be better, Im not very good at gimp aswell.

What you use to create sprites?

I use Gimp for all my sprites, so there’s no reason why you can’t use that :slight_smile:

There are more dedicated sprite-editors (simple google search will show you the various programs) but it’s not really about which tool you use, it’s more about you learning to work with that tool and be happy with it.

Aesprite is my program of choice and I would definitely recommend it. Gimp isnt bad though. I used it before I bought Aesprite and Gimp has the benefit of being free.

He’s very right. And I guess now I’m going to be the one guy that raises his hand and says Photoshop lol

Do you need Photoshop to make sprites/tiles? hell no. But once you use a tool for over 10 years it’s hard to choose something else.

So what does this all mean? What ever program you choose, stick with it. And personally, I wouldn’t learn an art program that I can’t use on multiple types of media/work. So Photoshop is a one stop shop for me for web development, photo editing, etc. On a side note, is a Photoshop “clone” that works in your browser and costs you $0.