"Creating a game" series by Orangepixel

Hey guys, I’ve been recording my workflow and uploading short series where I create code and graphics for my next project: a Turn based strategy game.

I just uploaded part 4, and you can watch all parts here:

They are all between 15-30 minutes long, I don’t talk in them because it’s not like a tutorial or lesson it’s me actually working and that basically means my brain is all over the place or I’m just singing along with the radio - not very interesting or anything that I would wanna record :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, here’s the first part, and make sure to check out the other 3 if you enjoy it :slight_smile:


This is really interesting. I think it’s easy for us “hobby game developers” to forget that you “professional game developers” are really a lot like us, so it’s cool to see that your working environment isn’t that much different than mine.

I think it might be even more interesting if you added some voiceover explaining what you were doing, maybe not every single second, just “this is what I was doing here, this was a particularly interesting problem”, etc.

I really like to see an “Appreciate” button here. So nice to see a tutorial from a professional.