Cosmic Menace

Cosmic Menace is a Roguelike / space sim game in development. There are a limited number of things to interact with yet but eventually there will be a variety of items and equipment to tinker with, research and blow up as you collect resources, construct your ship, and explore procedurally generated alien planets.

Version 0.03 demo is now available with 4 hand made planets to explore: Large habitable planet, Small moon, Small forest planet and Park City Colony.
Please note that the gui is non-functional until after I implement the item system in the next version.

Very nice ;), I’d really digging the artwork and the dwarf-fortress vibe.

One thing I would suggest is to rework how the player can go up and down levels on planets. As it stands at the moment, the player can only go up a level by using various stairways, but can ‘jump off’ ledges without being able to get back up, until they find a stairway.

While Height Push Gameplay can be effective when used properly, in a game like this, it may only cause annoyances for the player, as it is easy for them to fall off as opposed to jump off, and considering the randomness of procedural generation, it may be difficult for the player to get back to where they were

Other than that, it looks like a solid project, and the attention to detail (The ability to take a bath with a rubber duckie ;D) is refreshing

I can feel the ss13 in here , nice work man I love it.

This is looking very cool, I am looking forward to trying it after work today.

Looks great!

Looks promising, and the graphics are cool. Have you finished this game?