Wow, I got pleasantly surprised with the number of games submitted. For a while I thought we’d only have 15 games or so, but it went up to 45 in the end, blowing away previous year by 11 games.

But quantity isn’t everything, let’s see if it measures up to quality :slight_smile:

The judges will begin to review the games now, and community voting will start tomorrow (I’ll make an announcement when it’s ready).

Thanks to all participants, for making 2011 yet another great 4K year :slight_smile:

Oh, Congrats to all the contestants,

I just wanted to upload my entry.
Well, it just shut down :frowning:

here my failed entry (It was in the limit on computers packline)

Thanks for running the contest. The standard was pretty good this year and I’m looking forward to the voting.

Quoted for truthery.

Hope they work on my computer… haven’t had a lot of success with many of the 4k demos this year :confused:

Cas :slight_smile:

None of them work at home for me because of something pack200-related (my own game works for me as a jar on my own website but not as a pack200 on so I’m going to have to play them at work in my lunchtimes to cast my votes.

Similar experiences here (none of games work on mac and others on limited PCs). Unfortunately this was the main reason why I didn’t submit any games this year, which is such a shame. Have whined about this before so will leave at that.

Other than that, standard seems pretty good this year.

How about simply offering a “compability” build.
Where the game is in the normal jar format.

Such that this compatability build is not sizelimited.

Could be includedin the showcase like “if you have a Mac, click here”

In the community voting, I’m thinking about allowing each user have 40-50 points to distribute. I think it was 25 points last year, and some complained it was too low, although personally I think it was sufficient. So, all OK on having 50 points this year? I think that’s a good round number.

I will open community voting tonight.

Well, I’ve got the latest of everything installed, so I was kinda hoping everything would work without a hitch.

Cas :slight_smile:

What’s the limit per game? 50 points is more than one per game, and I didn’t really find 25 too constraining last year - I could maybe have awarded 30, but beyond that I would have been cheapening the points I gave to the best games.

I agree. 30 points it is. You have to use all 30 points. Max 5 points per game. That means you can either give 6 games full 5 points or 30 games 1 point. I think that’s a even distribution.

Alas, my game was too big. Oh well, it was fun.