Contest Over - 67 games! :)

Very impressive!

We got 67 games this year, surpassing last year more than THREEFOLD, and other years also, which makes 2009 surely a great year, both participation-wise and also in game quality!

What is also cool is the number of programmers participating, but 42 programmers in total submitted their games into the contest. Never have so many participated before.

There is tremendous work ahead for the judges, but I’m hoping we can have the results ready in 2 weeks time.

I like to thank everyone for their participation!

Good luck to all the participants.

Whatever happens, the community wins! :wink:

I’m looking forward to writing 67 different reviews! :stuck_out_tongue:

Next year I’ll be an official entrant for sure.

Good luck everybody!

Any objections if I put a thread up on Reddit to get more attention for the competition?

Sigh! I didn’t have time to finish my latest… Never mind - 6/7 ain’t bad :slight_smile:
I wonder why last year was so short of entries? All other years had roughly 60 entries!

Don’t know the others, I wanted to enter last year, but I was completely blocked, staring at the screen without ideas…

This year, I posted the games I wanted to make… and someone picked part of my games, making better versions than what I was programming at the time. (4bideen fruit, I’m looking at you ;)) The other ideas, I didn’t finish them because they didn’t get many feedback, and were more prototypes than games.

In the end, this year has amazing games, many of them will become 4k classics as my all time favorite Miners4K.

Appel! Whatever happened to your lovely WIP game you showed off on irc? :’(

42 programmers is an impressive number in itself, and even more when you think at its meaning revealed in Douglas Adams’ Life, the Universe and Everything !

But what amazes me the most, is the number of games submitted by some participants, and all of them proving that quantity is not always the enemy of quality. So I can count 2 entries for Andy Cook, Mark Bernard, Markus Persson, rdcarvallo and soothsayer, 3 for Kevin Glass, 4 for MÃ¥ns Olson, 6 for SimonH and 8 for ! ( sorry if I have forgotten anyone or any game… )

I just hope that all of these people are making the fortune of the game industry in their professional activities ( I know for sure for one or two of them… ), otherwise it is really too bad for it !

Now courage for the judges to make all these reviews…

Great year everyone, more for amazingly playable games than anything else!


Oof, that’s a lot of work for two weeks. :o

Awesome job, all! =)

I’m going to make a non-4k game out of what I had done.

For now, I’m making myself available as a backup-judge in the unlikely scenario that one of the judges drops out.

Can’t judge it without that email that was supposed to say the format / where to judge it. Is that coming soon? :slight_smile:

Tonite. I almost have it ready ;D

Great effort everyone ;D

We’re on Kotaku again. :smiley:

damn quality of some game is amazing this year.

I only tried : 4*4K / Anyone 4 Teninis / and Karting,

but wow 4K ? all games seems so well polished, very nice

Awesome. But why is the title “Left 4k Dead: These 67 Games Are All Under 4k In Size”? Not that I mind… :wink:

It’s the tag for all the posts about j4k, and the flagship tittle of this year’s competition.
I’m already waiting December for J4K’10 :wink:

Me too. =D
For some reason J4k is by far my most productive environment. Tight limits, short project spans, and very very interesting technical challenges.

It still bothers me somewhat that such a big part of the competition is just about compression, but I guess that’s inevitable.