Consecutive post limit

I created a WIP-Topic about my game a few month ago and lately I ran into the 6 consecutive posts limit.
I did not know about this limit before and was actually a little shocked.
I somehow understand the reason behind this limit but I am not sure, if this fits the WIP-Board.
In the WIP-Board, people post the games they are currently working on. If you post your progress often, you will run into this limit pretty soon, except your game is really cool and gets enough interest.

The point is, that in the WIP-Board, in my opinion, not every post causes a discussion.
I follow many WIPs and I like to read the updates, but I don’t reply very often as I don’t think I have to comment every small update.

Thats why I would like to discuss about this limit and hear your opinion.

Thanks :slight_smile: