Confused by origin changing when loading objects

Here is a Cone I have made and exported to a Lightwave .obj file.

I then load the object into Java3D using the following code parts

import com.sun.j3d.loaders.objectfile.ObjectFile;

public static Scene loadWavefrontScene(String location) throws IOException {
	ObjectFile loader = new ObjectFile(ObjectFile.RESIZE); 
        return loader.load(new FileReader(location)); 

And I add the Scene object’s group to the main group using .getSceneGroup() and .addChild(group)

And then I rotate the object around the X axis.

The object seems to have had it’s origin changed. How can I load models and keep their origin in the original place?

looks like Z or Y [icode]up[/icode] mismatch. try changing the up vector when exporting or parse your vertices like [icode]vec3 vertex = vec3( a, -c, b )[/icode].


Thanks for your reply!

I’ve tried toggling the Poser like export option that can be seen in the link below. I noticed no changes.