Composer, Producer & Session Guitarist - Available

Hello, I’m Ernest Soler, a Composer, Producer, and Session Guitarist from Barcelona, Spain.

Here’s a little resume/introduction for if you ever need someone of my profile for any job, or to collaborate in any Project…

I’ve got a Home Studio, so I can work remotely as a Composer, Producer or Session Guitarist,
or also as Sound Editor or Audio Engineer.

I offer the highest level of attention, dedication and quality I can provide, so I’m only interested in paid jobs, thank you!

To know more, please check my website:
(or soundcloud)

-17 years experience as a Musician and Guitarist, 10 as a Composer.
-Modern Music Conservatory for 4 years.
-Private Guitar, Theory and Harmony teacher for 12 years.

-As a Musician and Guitarist I have vast performing experience in diverse styles, including (but not limited to) Electric (Blues, Jazz/Fussion, Funk, Rock etc) as well as Acoustic styles (Classical, Flamenco, Latin, Gipsy Jazz/Manouche), or Folk music from around the world.

-As a Composer I have produced for recording Studios and Audiovisual Producers of all kind; working on projects for diverse media like Videogames, Cinema, TV, or Radio:
2018-15, Composition of Orchestral/Fantasy OST for “GemRPG”, an Android game by “Crossworld Entertainment” (USA)
2016, Composition of Epic Orchestral track for the Trailer/Promo of “Undertow”, an upcoming Pirate-themed MMORPG
2015, Composition of Acoustic/World Music track for the promo of “Quill”, an upcoming MMORPG by “Psy-Spec” (USA)
2015, Composition of Orchestral tracks for “Witch Pop”, a Puzzle Videogame by “Grimworks” (Latvia)
2015, (since 2013) Extensive and continued Session Guitarist work for “SCORCCiO Records” (UK/Spain)
2014, Composition of Orchestral tracks for “Dragon Rider”, an Indie Arcade RPG Videogame (UK)
2014, Composition of Electro/Funk/Rock tracks for “Revolution Ace”, an Arcade Videogame by “Laser Guided Games” (Canada)
2013-14, Composition of Western style tracks for “Death on Frontier”, a J-RPG Videogame by “The Game Gallery” (USA)
2013, Composition of Orchestral theme track for “Kingdom Knights” (now Avalon Lords), a Videogame by “Animus Interactive” (USA)
2013, Composition of Orchestral tracks for a “Magic The Gathering” Docuflick by “Rock Island Productions” (UK)
2013, Composition of Orchestral Soundtrack and Sound FX, for two Promotional Videogames by “Danone Actimel
2013, Sound FX Designer for “Baboos” an arcade Videogame by “Sundew Games” (New Zealand)
2013, Composition of MIDI theme for a Java Racing Videogame by “Mobi2Fun” (Bangalore, India)
2013, Session Guitarist jobs for “Wobbly Music” (Lancashire, UK)
2013, Composition of Acoustic/Ethnic track with Arabic/Hindu elements for a Documentary by SCOPL
2013, Co-Composition/adaptation and interpretation of folk (Africa, Cuba, Catalunya) for a Movie by “Destruction Film Productions
2012, Orchestral Composition for a submarine themed Videogame by “DymO
2012, Orchestral Composition for a Short-Movie produced by SCOPL
2012, Composition of tracks for a Promotional Spot by the company Numintec
2011, Composition of acoustic tracks for a Documentary about Liberia produced by the U.N. (United Nations)
2010, Composition of various musical loops for an unreleased Indie RPG Videogame
2010, Flamenco (traditional) composition for the audiovisual producer “Multiproducciones Digitales” (Mexico)
2009, Composition of Acoustic fingerpicking guitar piece for the project “Archivo de la Experiencia” by the Spanish Ministry of Culture
2008, Composition of musical cues for the TV program “MPEG” for “Comunicalia TV
2007, Arrangement of instrumental theme track for “El Vespino Sideral”, Radio Contrabanda (Barcelona)

-Orchestral composition for Witch Pop:
Witch Pop Theme -

-One of the Orchestral compositions for the Magic The Gathering Docuflick:
Babylon -

-Orchestral compositions for Dragon Rider:
Airship Battle -

-Orchestral compositions for the second Actimel Videogame:
GeoBoss -
ActimelTheme -

-The Orchestral Theme song for Animus Interactive:
KingdomKnights Theme -

-Electro-Funk-Rock style compositions for the Arcade Videogame:
Revolution Ace -
Desert -

-Western style compositions for the J-RPG Videogame:
Death on Frontier -
Aguadulce Town -

-Acoustic composition for the survivalism Documentary:
Gajadanat -

I can compose in almost any musical style, I’m up for the challenge, so don’t hesitate in consulting me;
if the idea or project resonates with me, it will be a breeze!!

For any questions or proposals, please contact me at:, or by phone (+34)633 593 062 // soundcloud

Thank you for your time; I look forward to hearing from you!!

thanks for sharing! … your soundclouds are very enjoyable. :slight_smile:

alot of you tracks/styles could go really well with games. you bias towards a specific mood but thats not a bad thing.

Thank you!

Glad you are enjoying the music, I guess you have seen them come and go over the years… :slight_smile:

At this moment I’m composing another track for Dragonrider, but I’m always open to schedule…!

So if anyone is interested the best is to contact me thru email (, and we can talk about all the details…

Thanks for the time again, and cheers from Barcelona!

Up(Date!!) 8)

At the very least tell us what was updated :point:

Sounds awesome. I know us developers are notoriously bad artists, but we’re also notoriously bad at sound and music, haha.

I’m not sure how many people come to this forum looking for sound artists, so you might have better luck if you seek out people trying to build a team. Here is a little list of posts I’ve compiled, and I’m sure you could find more by using the forum search feature:

Good luck!

nice! update is on the soundclouds (Witch Pop) i guess. very cool track :slight_smile:

i cannot remember listening to Dragon Rider - Airship Battle. also very good. makes me wonder, how would a drum&base/jungle track of yours sound.

again, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Hey there!

Kevin: Thank you for the list! I have already contacted some of them just in case…

basil: Thank you for the comments, you could be my first Fan afterall!
Glad you enjoyed the WitchPop tack, and Airship Battle… it really took a great Battle to make that one happen!!

The game will feature a slightly Longer version with an extra Female choir section, and some other last minute details… But since somehowe I even got Paul Romero (!) to Might&Magically comment the track… i just had to leave it there! :wink:

Up(Date!!) 8)

PS: Still can’t believe I made it to this Forums…
I should probably put it as a special milestone on the CV ;D