Community voting

Community voting has started :slight_smile:

Let’s give the games their deserved look and give them points!!

Ends March 15th.

Site seems to be down for me :clue:

Same here.

Yea, hmm… it’s free hosting, and they apparently picked this day to advertise their upgrade plans. They do claim 99% uptime for the free hosting, although it seems more like 80% uptime.

Sorry, but we’ll just have to be patient for a few hours I guess :confused:

Google knows. Google is a tool free to use for everyone. Use it.

It’s a competition in which participants will have to make games in Java which are less than 4KB in size.

Bloody Java plugin won’t keep my security settings. I am running Windows 7 64bit. Whenever I change the Java security to low to try and run an applet, I go into any web browser(IE, Firefox, Chrome). As soon as go to the Java4k site and launch an applet it resets the security to high. Anyone else run into this? I am trying to look at the 4K games but I can’t.

What happened to that 4k launcher?
Edit: Still exists. Will use it.

Exact same problem here. Soon as I click “Always run on this site” I get an error about security, fix it, reload page and it resets.

I don’t know if it’s the same reason but I had lot of problems on Windows 7 64 bits with JRE7 64 bits and I’ve replaced it with JRE7 32 bits and all work fine now.

Figured it out. I thought I could have a 64bit JDK but then install the 32bit JRE for the plugin, but the 64bit took over. Uninstalled everything and reinstalled the 32bit JDK and it is all working.

Java’s security settings are doom for Java, totally and finally. I can’t even run the 4k games except occasionally when I dare disable all security settings, leaving me feeling vulnerable, like captain Picard with the shields of the Enterprise lowered while surrounded by a fleet of Romulard warbirds.

And then you get those annoying popup warnings…
Worf: Sir, I must advise against this!

I always wondered why it made sense to place a trigger happy klingon in control of the Enterprises weaponry, who Picard constantly had to turn his head towards and restate his orders. He begrudgingly followed the orders, but I’m sure if the klingon had his way the entire 7 seasons would have been more exciting :slight_smile: hey, space battles are fun.

Not saying that java applet malware is fun, oh well, maybe if the computer would blow up it’d be ok.

Are we going to advertise the Java4k launcher on the site as an alternative to the big scary security settings?

I think that is a good idea… better than advising reducing java security privileges or similar.

On the community voting page - the point remaining tally starts at 30, but then after the first number is allocated, the tally jumps up to be 50 point based. If you use up all those 50 points and click submit, an error is displayed reporting that you use more than the 50 points.

Try again! Sorry, my fault. Fixed.

Not many entries this year, but some good ones. I was disappointed with DicePuzzle: IMO it’s one thing to spot a game whose mechanics can work in 4k, and something completely different to copy all of its levels identically. I’d have given it a point if there had been some originality.